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Owned by Rick and Michelle Steele opened in 2012. 

At Four Seasons we sell, repair, tune, and make your bows the best they can be. We have bow hunting and bowfishing accessories from brands you trust. An outdoor 3D range and butts out to 60 yards open to the public during business hours, stop in and shoot a round! 

Rick also offers lessons for all ages. 

Services all makes and models of bows and crossbows (including Oneida Eagle) 

We offer flexible hours to accommodate 2nd and 3rd shift workers. 

Offer seasonal leagues. 

We proudly use America's Best Bowstrings as our number one string supplier. 

Our main goal is to get every customer's bow to perform as Rick's own competition bows.

Combined Rick and Michelle have been servicing archery equipment for 25 years.


Rick has had the privilege of bow hunting in South Africa and Newfoundland.


Bring your bow in for service, new strings, try out new ones or to shoot a round of 3D! 

22 State Titles including IBO

2003 NETAA World Champion 

Archery State Champions throughout the family 

National Shooting staff for Storm Archery 

Hunter Education Instructor

PSE Pro Staff

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